Axial fans

Energy-efficient, electronically commutated EC motors, and high-performance AC induction motors constitute the key components of axial fans. Together with an aerodynamically designed rotor, they form a high-performance air pumping system, ensuring the highest comfort of work.

Regardless of the application, whether for general ventilation of interiors, heating or cooling equipment, their compact design allows for a variety of applications. They are the best solution when great capacity is required with low noise emissions and energy efficiency.

Specialised production lines, which include, for example, machines for boring, winding, dynamic balancing, forming and impregnating stator windings, ensure a long service life and trouble-free operation of fans.

Technical data of the fans

Product codeDiameter [mm]Power [V]Frequency [Hz]Maximum rotational speed [min-1]Power [W]Electricity [A]Sound pressure level Lp [dB (A)]IPInsulation classWorking temperature range [oC]Rotor materialMaximum efficiency [m3/h]
A3P200-EC072-…20023050/602600800,65444B-25 ~ +60PA66870
A3P200-EC092-…20023050/603000550,46044B-25 ~ +60PA66930
A3P250-EC092-…25023050/6031501350,96944B-25 ~ +60PA66930
A3P300-EC072-…30023050/6016001000,56344B-25 ~ +60PA661900
A3P300-EC092-…30023050/6021001651,16444B-25 ~ +60PA662400
A3P300-EC092-… +temp. sensor30023050/601600900,75944B-25 ~ +60PA661700
A3P315-EC092-…31523050/6021001651,16644B-25 ~ +60PA662400
A3P350-EC092-…35023050/6018001751,26544B-25 ~ +60PA663500
A3P350-EC092-… +temp. sensor35023050/60160015016644B-25 ~ +60PA662900
A3P400-EC0102-…40023050/6016003151,46944B-25 ~ +60stal4800
A3P400-EC0102-… +temp. sensor40023050/6016003601,66744B-25 ~ +60stal5400
A3P450-EC0102-…45023050/60159042026844B-25 ~ +60stal6500
A3P450-EC0102-… +temp. sensor45023050/6016004452,156844B-25 ~ +60stal6050
A3P500-EC0137-…5003x40050/6016908501,57844B-25 ~ +60stal10000
A3P550-EC0137-…5503x40050/6016809501,657844B-25 ~ +60stal12000
A3P630-EC0137-…6303x40050/6011508001,36944B-25 ~ +60stal14500

EC axial fans - efficient and environmentally friendly

Axial fans are compact, flexible-to-use industrial fans that provide high airflow efficiency and help keep operating costs low in the long term. Industrial solution manufacturers appreciate them for their high efficiency, low noise level and relatively low price compared to radial fans.

The axial fans available from  AFL have been developed with both efficiency and comfort of use in mind. The range includes models that guarantee quiet and trouble-free operation and are made of high-quality components and assemblies. These parameters are just as relevant for commercial and industrial premises.

Axial fan principle or efficient airflow

The operation of an axial fan is shown in the diagram below: the airflow is drawn in and discharged axially along the fan. The aerodynamic blades of the axial fan force the air to move parallel to the shaft of the rotating engine.

The axial fan industrial fan is the type of fan that provides the highest air flow rates, up to 24,000 m3/h. The impeller blade geometry and size affect the airflow rate and fan compression, while their shape significantly impacts the fan’s effective operation, efficiency and noise. That is why our R&D department performs hundreds of tests, analyses and simulations to get the best possible results in this area.

Another critical component of the fan is the nozzle in which the fan operates. Optimally designed and in tune with the fan impeller, the shape of the nozzle can significantly improve its efficiency and reduce the noise generated by the flowing air. The best results are obtained when the gap between the nozzle and the rotor is minimised and the nozzle funnel is extended. However, often due to

Of course, the heart of an axial fan industrial is its motor. The motor’s power determines how much pressure the fan produces and how much compression it has. However, this does not mean that the motor power can be increased indefinitely for a given fan diameter. Here, too, an appropriate match must be made between the power of the motor and the rotor to achieve the best possible performance for the unit.

Axial fans - a wide range of applications

Compact EC fans are used wherever high airflow capacity is needed at relatively low resistance. Tailor-made actuators and control technology ensure targeted airflow, whether in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation or renewable energy.

They are perfectly suited for products such as air coolers, chillers, dry coolers, condensers and heat pumps. They are used in exhaust ventilation applications for industrial facilities and water/gas/electric space heaters.

If an application, system or device needs to achieve high airflow, low noise and low power consumption, and the design itself do not create a lot of static resistance, an axial fan will be the best solution.

All AFL’s EC axial fans have been developed to meet the highest requirements. Their main advantages are:

  • Low operating costs due to high-efficiency ratio.

  • Outstanding flexibility due to fully adjustable air flow rate.

  • Compact dimensions for every type of installation.

  • Customized special solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Durability due to top-quality components and a controlled production process.

  • Compliance with European directives and standards, CE, RoHS, Reach, ErP certifications