Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans +

Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans + are radial fans with blades bent back and equipped with a compact air flow module. They are characterised by extremely high available pressures and a compact design. The aerodynamic air intake cone is integrated into the rotor for maximum efficiency of the fan unit. Combined with energy-efficient, electronically commutated EC motors, they provide very favourable operating parameters: high performance, efficiency, as well as the ability to cope with high flow resistance.

Such a compact design significantly speeds up installing the fan in the device. Thanks to the factory-integrated cone and fan, there is no need to position the entire system. Assembling the unit comes down to screwing in only 4 screws.

Technical data of the fans

Product codeDiameter [mm]Power [V]Frequency [Hz]Maximum rotational speed [min-1]Power [W]Electricity [A]Sound pressure level Lp [dB (A)]IPInsulation classWorking temperature range [oC]Rotor materialMaximum efficiency [m3/h]
B3P133-EC072-01013323050/604500550,436844B-25 ~ +60PA66330
B3P190-EC072-00519023050/603750950,737844B-25 ~ +60PA66750
B3P250-EC092-02525023050/6026001701,16944B-25 ~ +61PA661350
B3P280-EC092-01328023050/6020001300,97344B-25 ~ +62PA661900
B3P280-EC137-0102803x40050/6028507801,18544B-25 ~ +63PA662950
B3P310-EC092-01331023050/6017701751,37344B-25 ~ +64PA662400
B3P310-EC102-01331023050/6022003201,456844B-25 ~ +65PA662800
B3P310-EC137-0103103x40050/6026009801,647444B-25 ~ +66PA664250
B3P355-EC102-01335523050/6017003101,47344B-25 ~ +67PA661700
B3P355-EC137-0103553x40050/6021009901,637944B-25 ~ +68PA665050
B3P400-EC102-01340023050/6014303301,56944B-25 ~ +69PA663500
B3P400-EC137-0104003x40050/6015507251,227344B-25 ~ +70PA665400
B3P450-EC137-0104503x40050/60145010061,677344B-25 ~ +71PA667200
B3P500-EC137-0105003x40050/6011008701,467144B-25 ~ +72PA667900
B3P560-EC137-0105603x40050/608508501,36944B-25 ~ +73PA669000