Dual Inlet Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Dual Inlet Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans are widely used in air pumping installations for production processes, in ventilation units and air conditioning units, for cooling control cabinets, machine elements, supply air in technological processes, or transporting gas.

Their compact design allows for a number of applications. They are the best solution when a concentrated air blowing stream, high pressure, and moderate amounts of pumped air are required.

Technical data of the fans

Product codeDiameter [mm]Power [V]Frequency [Hz]Maximum rotational speed [min-1]Power [W]Electricity [A]Sound pressure level Lp [dB (A)]IPInsulation classWorking temperature range [oC]Rotor materialMaximum efficiency [m3/h]
F3P120-EC072-01012023050/601900700,555944B-25 ~ +60stal420
F3P133-EC072-01613323050/601500800,65944B-25 ~ +60stal580
F3P133-EC092-10013323050/601550800,66944B-25 ~ +60stal660
F3P146-EC092-03514623050/601300800,65944B-25 ~ +60stal800
F3P146-EC092-05714623050/6014501150,86144B-25 ~ +60stal950
F3P180-EC102-00318023050/6015504001,97444B-25 ~ +60stal2000
F3P200-EC102-10020023050/6011503001,366444B-25 ~ +60stal2000
F3P225-EC137-1002253x40050/60145010501,87844B-25 ~ +60stal3500
F3P250-EC137-1002503x40050/609206551,27444B-25 ~ +60stal3650
F3P280-EC137-1002803x40050/608006001,17244B-25 ~ +60stal4000