Energy-efficient heat pump fans

We understand the needs of heat pump manufacturers

Heat pump manufacturers face several challenges that require them to deliver equipment that guarantees performance and complies with regulations while meeting specific acoustic values. Heat pumps ‘ high performance and energy efficiency require component suppliers like AFL MOTORS EUROPE, among others, to adhere to high requirements such as:

  • durability
  • low noise levels,
  • aerodynamics,
  • resistance to environmental conditions,
  • high performance and energy efficiency.

Therefore, using EC fans in heat pumps has become a standard practice. Due to their modern motor design, these fans maintain high efficiency over the entire control range, providing significantly lower current consumption than conventional fans. Additionally, these fans are quieter and have higher durability and reliability. One significant advantage of EC fans is that their speed can be precisely adjusted to cater to current needs, ensuring optimal performance while meeting the most exceptional acoustic, air, and energy efficiency standards.

Characteristics of dedicated heat pump fans

External heat pumps use a fan to push air through the evaporator. Because the evaporator has a large surface area for heat exchange, airflow resistance is relatively low. As a result, axial fans with large diameters but low-power motors are suitable for this type of design.

Basic technical data

Impeller diameter447 [mm]500 [mm]
VoltageAC 230 [V]AC 230 [V]
Speed1080 [min-1]900 [min-1]
Power max.132 [W]200 [W]
Air flow max.4140 [m3/h]5730 [m3/h]